Noel Lu Kok Wei

Property Financial Consultancy

Is it possible to UPGRADE to PRIVATE CONDO, with ZERO CASH & with Household Income of $5K?


Am I really able to upgrade?

Am I earning enough to afford it?

Is upgrading only for the rich?

Many clients, earning $5k to $7k income, have come to me with the same worries. However, with my meticulous financial planning and step-by-step Customized Property Plan, they have since upgraded comfortably and are clear about their investment road map for the next 5 to 10 years.


Can you also be like them to upgrade? The Answer is Yes! In the Free Non Obligation Meet Up, i will share with you as belows:

  • An in-depth analysis on whether HDB is an Asset or Liability to allow you to understand the price trend and volume transactions and what does this means to you in your property investment roadmap.
  • How a 11 PFC - Property Financial Consultancy Step-by Step Process can Make Your Money Work Harder For You.
  • How a 12-G Step by Step Process can creatively enable you to upgrade confidently
  • How a CONSERVATIVE & ACHIEVABLE Customised Property Plan can allow you to accumulate wealth earlier & grow your wealth progressively
  • Allow you to understand How to use CPF Effectively and Efficiently and How to Avoid Double Whammy that will hinder your property wealth creation
  • How you can achieve HUGE Potential Upside from your properties and retire earlier

Case Study #1 – HDB to Condo Dream

Mr and Mrs Tan, both 35 and 30 years old respectively, were owners of a 5 Room Ang Mo Kio HDB flat. Their HDB still have existing loan of $349k. They still have a condo dream. My value add to them is to customise a property plan for them to upgrade to a 3 bedroom condo.

After going through the 11- PFC Steps meticulous financial calculations, they are pleasantly surprise and learnt that they are able to upgrade to their condo dream. They mentioned that before this meet up with me, their friends and relatives have discouraged them to upgrade to condo as that is only for the rich, now they are so happy and see in their own eyes that with proper sound advice, upgrading to condo is possible and NOT just for the rich.

Mr & Mrs Tan have since upgraded to the 3 Bedroom New Condominium WITHOUT using any of their savings, and even have a CASH reserve for rainy day. With a clear Customised Property Portfolio road map planned & executed for them, they are now preparing to own even another property for investment.


Case Study #2 - Condominium

Alan earns an income of $5k per month ask if he would be able to buy a $1.3 Mil Condo?

I assisted Alan through a 12-G Steps Process to customise a plan for him to upgrade to $1.3Mil Condo DESPITE him having NO SAVINGS & NOT QUALIFY for Loan due to his INCOME


If you are like most Singapore HDB Owners today, you are probably servicing your HDB loan using your CPF.

And you might be thinking that it is best to pay off the HDB loan as soon as possible to lower your monthly mortgage.

However, this may be an action that can affect your future financial goal in the NEXT 5 to 10 YEARS!

You need to know how to use your CPF

Avoid Double Whammy

For example, if $200,000 worth of CPF funds is put into your HDB, at the end of 5 years, you LOSE $26,600 in interest earnings.

Selling your HDB at the end of 5 years, you would have to return $226,600 to CPF, which is $26,600 less cash from your property sales proceeds.

In Short - a Double Whammy on letting Money work harder for you!! You LOSE earning interest as CPF Fund is locked in HDB & you have LESSER Cash Proceed!!

So how can you Avoid this Double Whammy that is detrimental to your property wealth creation in a longer term?

Arrange a Free & Non-Obligatory session with me now to find out more!


However, many clients assume that certain types of property are out of their reach due to worries like age, income, etc.

They are limiting themselves; for there are ways around every such problems and I have helped many of my clients in solving it in a customised way.

Some clients have already missed their chance and wished I were there to advise them years ago.

Take this Opportunity Now to find out more how a customised property plan can create your wealth to enable you to achieve a better quality of lives for your family.

So how can you have more FREE Customised solution for your property wealth creation plan?

Arrange a Free Non-Obligatory session with me to find out more and i will be happ to share with you in details

With a Guided Action Plan & Proven Customised Property Plan, YOU CAN:

#1 ELEVATE financial freedom for yourselves and your loved ones, by making money work harder for you
#2 GROW your property portfolio through Customised Property Plan in phases progressively
#3 GENERATE passive income with minimal to zero extra financial cash commitment
#4 MAINTAIN a healthy amount of cash reserve funds for rainy days and provide more options for your family
#5 RETIRE earlier with a secure safety net through structured property financial consultancy; PFC planning

SEIZE this opportunity Now and you will find yourself getting closer to the lifestyle you have always dreamt of.

To make money work harder for you to gain wealth progressively.

Arrange a FREE & Non-Obligatory session with me to find out more now!

With our TRIED & TESTED and PROVEN strategies, you will be able to UPGRADE CONFIDENTLY with NO STRESS, and let your Money work harder for you instead of you working hard for money

Lets begin this wealth creation journey with small baby step & meet me now

Meet me for a FREE & NON-OBLIGATORY sharing session and I will share more on how I have helped many of my clients, who were in the same situation like you, to grow their asset wealth progressively.