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GROW Group Training System aims to provide quality and relevant training, to ready Grow mates to succeed in this real estate sales business

ERA GROW Group Mid Year Party - Clarke Quay

20 August 2018: ERA GROW Group celebrated team work and hitting 1st milestone of 400 agents @ Grow 2018 Mid Year Party . We play hard and we work hard. Very appreciative that ERA CEO Jack Chua and ERA COO Marcus Chu attended the event despite their very busy schedule.

ERA GROW Mid Year 2018 Celebration @ Clarke Quay. Grow celebrates Teamwork and #TeamWorkMakesWonder

GROW believe in teamwork and Cohesion event is important for all of us to strengthen friendship. There are 3 key Cohesion events a year; 1. CNY Celebration, 2. Mid Year Celebration and 3. X’Mas Celebration.

PFC aims to transform Grow mates into competent Property Financial Consultant. Graduate of this program will be equipped with level up financial literacy and is able to add tremendous value to the clients. The graduates would be trained to derive customised intelligent property financial solutions unique for their clients to fulfil their property upgrading & right sizing requirements. Helping their clients to purchase or sell their most valuable assets with a great peace of mind.

Grow Mates, studying hard in the long hours of PFC program with an aim to transform themselves into Grow Trusted Property Financial Consultant

3 Days Workshop to transform GROW mates into competent Digital Realtor who would be equipped with important Digital 24/7 leads generation skillsets to become Top Achievers

GROW Students hands on themselves in the 3 days workshop, to equip themselves with very important digital leads generation skillsets to gain breakthrough in their real estate sales business in this digital age environment.

NFSS - New Force Strong Start is Real on the Site Training that equip New Agents with important marketing, presentation, closing and follow up skill. It also teaches on the ground how to get leads through tried and tested method by new agents leading to actual closings. It aims to be Practical with minimum theory.

INSIGHT 120 Monthly Power Training is an Inter-Cross Divisions Training that adds volume and diversity to support agent’s personal sales growth.
 All 10 Different Division Directors and Different Division ERA Top Achievers will share on the ground Insights and Secrets of closings to Students to improve their sales productivity.
Grow mates would benefit greatly from diversity of selfless culture training from all leaders and Top Achievers. As @ Grow we believe in #TeamWorkMakesWonder

TLA (Team Leads Activity) aims to Not let any Grow Mate works alone. TeamWorkMakesWonder, when Grow mates would come together to get leads together for new launch project. #NoOneWillBeLeaveBehind

Digital Single Project Website - to equip GROW Mates to get leads Digitally without spending their precious time building high quality content new project website. The speed gives great advantage to GROW Mates. The time savings allow GROW Mates to use it to make appointment, follow up and thus allow more efficient use of their time

OwnBrand Technology aims to Brand You and allow you to outshine 29,000 agent in the industry. Eg it allows you to brand yourself as active Project Agents with 50 plus projects under your business portfolio.

DAILY QUOTES - Aims to provide the daily required motivation and reminder for GROW Mates. This daily quotes act like petrol to a car, to allow the car to travel daily safely and sustainably from point A to desired sales target ( destination)

GROW Keep Healthy Club aim to have weekly Monday Keep Fit regime. We will run together, have circuit training, sweat together and motivate one another.

FULL TIME Admin - aims to provide Grow Mates with the best Admin and Logistic support. This allow smooth operation of Grow Team activities events and process as at Grow we emphasis on team work as #TeamWorkMakesWonder